how will you supplement your income in retirement?
We have the oNLY Fixed Annuity product that is Commission-Free, has No surrender charges and yields up to 7% 
Would you like a Retirement Pension designed with You in mind to provide you with a Safe, Stable & consistent monthly income? Our Fixed Annuity products are revolutionizing the insurance industry. Our flagship product is a Fixed Annuity that lets you pick the Terms and earn a fixed Rate of Return up to 7% 
Abraham Rosner
An "Annuity is the ONLY Gift that keeps on Giving" Monthly Income
Lowest Pricing
  • Consistent: Our Annuities offer a Stable Source of Income
  • Commission-Free: You will never be charged an upfront or backend commission
  •  No Surrender Charges: You will never be charged an early withdrawal penalty fee
Top Performance
  •  Safety: Preservation of capital is our #1 Priority
  •  High Returns: Earn up to 7% annually
  •  Short Term: Our products offer short term commitments
  • Death Benefits: Included with every Annuity we offer is the ability to transfer distributions to a beneficiary
Avoid Risk
  •  Diversification: No more stock market exposure or real estate risk
  • Investment Grade: Our holdings are rated investment grade by Moody's
  •  No Transaction Fees: You will never be charged fees because our offerings are all-inclusive
Taxes & Guarantee
  • Tax Benefits: Annuities are tax deferred until payouts
  • Discretion: Your account will receive Swiss like discretion
  •  Transparency: Any costs will always be visible and clear
  •  30 Day Guarantee: You will have ample time of 30 days to decide if you are satisfied with your purchase
  • Do you want to Start Receiving Monthly Income Checks Immediately Up To 7% Annually?
  • Is Preservation of Capital your #1 Priority?
  • Do you have a minimum of $100,000 to buy a Fixed Annuity?
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